YMCA Ad Creation Form

do not use hyphen only numbers
this talks to your members inside your locations- already members who are in the loop so to speak Please write 7 messages no longer than 8 words include phone numbers & POC images forward to creative@atlasvirtualmedia.com Do you require a QR code? pls provide the correct landing page URL
this ad talks to the general public who may or may not know of your services & location. this is important to include as many POC & incentives to drive traffic to your website or location. Please include 7 messages with no more than 7 words per message. Please forward all images to creative@atlasvirtualmedia.com
These are quick glance messages for your interior messages. Similar to Thanks for coming or Sign up today or Sale on Thursday. please list if you want the logo on them or not. they generally do not have images.
Pls. list the email where the Ad is returned to for approval.