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Brand Growth

Indoor Billboard Advertising captures your

LOCAL audience segements which

respond to your brand messaging-

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3 Local Businesses Prepare for Ad Creation showcasing products & services – Step One: prepare product images Step two: coordinating most impactful brand messaging for  20 second ads.

  • Local Day Salon– Relaxation & Rejuvenation    

  • Local Consignment Store– Repurposing Designer Clothing  

  • Local Interior Decorator- Preparing for a client inverview

Stores experienced:

more walkin traffic & appointments
more URL traffic & longer page views
more shares & likes on social media
sales & online orders increased

Talk to your target market where they are

Meeting your audience at work, shopping & dining

Make Your Marketing Opportunities Work with

Indoor Digital Billboards

Seamless to create- large viewing community

How can I attract more customers to my store & website?

How do I get my sales to my customers effectively?

#1 Marketing Frustration of Local Business Owners who seek out Digital Marketing

Completely Affordable & High ROI Digital Marketing

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Why Local Advertising Works!

Driving local customers to your location!

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Digital Indoor Advertising is the ultimate in captive audience marketing because consumers can’t flip the page, change the channel, or turn it off. Digital ads allow for multiple creative changes in real time. Our large network of screens has long dwell time, allowing you to reach consumers multiple times to engage in your brand.  With our innovative approach to non-intrusive advertising, your market will be engaged in your message on 20-30 second ads, bright and beautiful, attractive offering a Call To Action- driving your customers to your location.

Save $ – Save time.

that’s why with Local Atlas Virtual Media

We are Locally Focused to drive your message to your customer base
Fastest Growing Digital Indoor Billboard Company in Central Va
Highest Visibility per Screen- 98% reacted positively after seeing an Indoor Ad

Reach your local audience of receptive customers

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