Why is Indoor Billboard Advertising so Effective image of screen on wall
Indoor Billboard Advertising Screen in Community Restaurant- Huge Effectiveness

The one word to respond to the question, Why is Indoor Billboard Advertising so Effective is…RETENTION.

Audiences are loosing interest in traditional advertising. therefore, the new audience is now found on their cellphones, tablets and laptops. This captivated group watches the screens in airports, local eateries and gyms. with the traditional advertising, you can walk away, turn off, and ignore such old school mediums as the newspaper, radio and yellow pages. This is the largest benefit of digital marketing on indoor billboards, there is no turning off of screens.

The ads reach the audience most coveted by advertisers: 21-35 year olds who like to go out and spend money. -Fortune

Firstly, The digital marketing trend is explosive and studies prove that retention is longer. The viewership depends on mobile devices, tablets and laptops. These generations grew up on the flexibility and available choices of the digital age. Not having a phone, tablet or laptop is not an option. Consider the power unleashed in digital marketing, indoor billboard advertising.

image of girl on her phone walking reading why is Indoor Billboard Advertising so Effective
Reaching Your Target Audience where they are- add your ads to your social media for more advertising viewership

There is a focused delivering message to your audience and this is indoor digital billboard advertising., better known as Digital Marketing.

 Engage and connect with potential new customers

Stay top-of-mind for existing customers & beneficial businesses

We start watching TV whenever a screen is on. Our eyes are immediately drawn to the screen, and we start watching. – Either consciously or subconsciously we pay attention to the brand messages. Do you want to grow your business? , This is the fastest growing medium for advertising.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the promotion of products and services through digital media. That means any form of marketing that takes place on the internet and off the internet on digital platforms such as mobile phones and display advertising can be considered as digital marketing.

What Does Atlas Virtual Media Offer?

AVM offers our network of advertisers and hosts beautiful and effective motion advertisements.   The ads are catchy and bright cherry ads created on 20-30 second plays called loops. Our ads focus the attention of those watching, your target audience.   Your business brand message is delivered, driving a customer to your landing page or front door. This is a direct response to the “Call to Action” in the brand messages. Watch one of our ads here

What do you do when standing in line waiting for a food order, or at a Salon while getting ones hair cut? Our screens are all non-competitive.

image of man watching an indoor billboard advertisement
Indoor Billboard Advertising is exploding- we have just hit the tip of the iceberg in advertising

So , Why is Indoor Billboards Advertising so effective?

Digital Marketing Effectiveness:

  • You cannot miss the ads
  • They capture the viewer’s attention with fast moving fast paced ads
  • More of the message is retained.
  • Reaches Targeted audience due to demographics and income with placement of Ads
  • Most Cost Effective form of advertising- very inexpensive advertising
  • Low Competition with other forms of digital advertising
  •  Only Digital Billboard in the area is Atlas Virtual Media- get your BRAND AWARENESS out in front of your customer
  • Increase LOGO  Awareness
    • local information and weather & current community updates

With an increase in technological devices, digital is the most effective form of transmitting your business message.-

Image of young adults sitting at open venue all on cellphones
Target Market Audience following digital marketing

Indoor Billboards are a phenomenal  way to get your message out to your target audience. Make a lasting impression with personalized messages. 

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We look forward to sharing how we can get your advertisements up on our screens.


Atlas Virtual Media Team