Why is Digital Marketing so Effective?

Creating a memorable advertisement to display your business & products is only effective when it reaches your target audience. Why is digital marketing so effective?

As a small business owner, the challenge for the owner in today’s economy and global health pandemic is more than often “hair on fire” day to day process.

Business owners are more often the employee, book keeper, scheduler, logistican, marketer, and full time mediator for customers and purchases.  Every minute of the day is measured.

Digital marketing has such a profound effect on the business customer base, with the benefit of reaching a larger base audience in a shorter window of time, saving you time and growing your brand awareness quickly..

Without digital marketing your core and future customers may develop a relationship with your competitors, driving your potential sales elsewhere.

Your customer base researches the internet to find just about everything, including local goods and services.  If your business is not represented at the top of the selections, the market is driven to what is available.

Atlas Virtual Media kids researching on phones
The population turns to digital marketing to find products & services

Digital Marketing is so Effective for your brand recognition, without it, you will fall behind your competitors.

As a local business, you require exposure.  Your customer base  lives, shops and dines a 3-7 mile radius of their homes..  This is your strongest customer base.

Your marketing goal is to advertise your service & products to your customer base, having them return to your storefront or website.  We call this your Target Market audience.  This can be done effectively with Digital Marketing on the internet and advertising on Indoor Billboards.

Few forms of advertising are as cost-effective as digital marketing. Small businesses frequently try to get as much as possible done on a small budget. Many forms of digital marketing allow you to communicate your brand and reach a wide target audience even when your budget is very tight.

Digital Benefits

Advertising digitally connects your business to your customers who are most interested in your products & services.

  • Geo Targeting is a technique of digital marketers  Indoor billboard advertising is completely geo targeting. Playing  your ad in a specific location where your most receptive audience spends time, eating, playing and shopping.
  • Digital Marketing can be content refreshed quickly and controlled digitally.  Scheduling regular updates can keep your message fresh. Atlas Virtual Media offers 4x per year changes at no charge.
  • Your business is visited even when you are closed, your customers are driven to your website after watching your ads on the indoor billboards on our billboard networks at spas, restaurants & medical offices, to name a few.
  • Effective Internet marketing creates a personalized experience for each customer viewing your ad.  You literally have 20-30 seconds to send your message to each viewer. Digital marketing exposes your business to hundreds of customers.

Brand Consistency

Customers relate to businesses that are frequently visible.  Repetition is valuable to creating a consistent brand message. Digital  Billboard advertising plays on a loop displaying your ad 4x per hour. or 560x per week.  That is consistency.

Compare that to traditional advertising marketing.  You read the newspaper 1x and may miss every ad. You might or might not listen to the radio, what are the chances of hearing a specific ad at the correct time of broadcasting?  You get the picture.


Indoor billboard advertising is growing rapidly, as it has proven to be a highly cost effective way for advertisers to reach very targeted demographics. … Of this group, 92.5% were able to name specific advertisers without prompting, and 88.5% recalled at least FOUR selling points in the ads surveyed!

Atlas Virtual Media creates full motion ads for businesses who are looking to promote their products and services.  We can showcase your business on our network.  We work one on one with each business to promote and help grow your customer base, offering exceptional customer experience.  

Atlas Virtual Media team creating motion advertisements for businesses
Creation of Motion Ads for Businesses- Raising Brand Awareness

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