When thinking about either Advertising with Indoor Digital Billboards, the conversation about “Micro-Zones” arises.

So, what exactly is a micro-zone for billboard advertising?  Quite simply, this is a grouping of billboard screens in pre-determined area of mileage and population.

At Atlas Virtual Media, we call a group of (5) five screens a “micro-zone”.  Generally, there are several niche businesses near one another, like a shopping area where an ice cream, print shop, pizza restaurant, bowling alley & yoga studio exist.  This would consist of a “micro-zone”.  The business advertisers work 1:1 with our creative team to develop the brand message.

For advertisers and Host Partners, we offer our advertising in groups of “micro-zones”  Our advertisements are shown on 15 minute loops- 4x per hour- during business hours.

We offer multiple “micro-zone” packages for more exposure and views.

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