Understanding the basics of OOH Marketing

OOH and DOOH are the biggest halo over the small business owner’s head, as we crawl out of restrictions from the Covid Pandemic. Understanding the basics of OOH Marketing   is the fastest way for business owners to engage with their customers, growing  their customer base. 

The definition of OOH refers to any visual media found outside the home. Mainly, these are ad displays in prominent public places on long loops of played ads on billboards, indoors and outdoors. Signage in restaurants, gyms, malls, train stations, to include outdoor public street furniture.  

OOH is (out of home) & DOOH is (Digital out of home)

The benefits of OOH are tremendous for the business owner. This is one of the most effective advertising platforms available as it offers a high visibility, fast engagement &  larger audiences.

Image of HDTV screen with advertisements playing
Indoor Billboard Advertises 3 blocks on the screens

A July 2021 report forecasts the value of the DOOH market to nearly double in just seven years ($18.8bn to $35.1bn, 2020-2027). With the advantages digital OOH ads offer being opened up to a much wider audience thanks to new programmatic technology, this isn’t surprising.

DOOH (Digital out of home) advertising  has replaced the traditional paper, & radio advertisements with digital screens.Atlas Virtual Media places their screens indoors in high traffic venues where larger groups of people gather to enjoy the benefits of commerce opening up. 

The average person is experiencing Screen Burnout from being on their devices more during restrictions and self quarantined during the pandemic. Most cities were virtual ghost towns during the height of the pandemic.  As the public is getting out of their houses into the community, this offers the business owner a fabulous growth opportunity to reach more customers.   

Indoor billboard marketing boasts of a higher engagement with the motion ads thus encouraging more engagement  with business via websites, QR codes or visiting a location.  Think what attracts the customer, bright colors, animation and engaging brand messages and emotion based images. This interaction will yield a high return on investment for the business owner. 

What is the predicted growth for the upcoming years?

Statista predicts that digital OOH spending worldwide is set to reach $8.3 billion by the end of 2021 and $15.9 billion by 2027 – more than doubling 2020’s figure of $7.4 billion in less than a decade.  Compared to DOOH advertising, Valued at US $41.06bn in 2020, the DOOH advertising market is set to grow significantly to $50.42bn by 2026.

Why is OOH and DOOH so effective for Reaching Consumers?

  1. AVM segments the population and target audience. This is called geo targeting your consumers.  This is done by loading your business ad on screens where your target audience works, plays, and dines, generally within a 3-5 mile radius.   We call this “zones”  and we place 5 screens per zone of non competing businesses. 
  2. Consumers are spending more time out of their homes as restrictions ease up and the economy begins to heat back up.  People are excited to get out of the house and cycle, run, shop, dine and exercise.  This encourages more interaction in local businesses where indoor billboards are placed.  Your message is being viewed 4x per hour.  According to Neilsen, “Of these, 65% will visit your premises immediately and 92% will make a purchase whilst there”. 
  3. Consumers are burnt out of online socializing and communication.  People see the online ads as intrusive.  People have spent the better part of 18 mos indoors working, playing and socializing online.  The offer to explore outdoors in any capacity is exciting and rewarding.  People are tired of online ads and are now turning them off, minimizing them and blocking them.  Indoor billboard advertisements cannot be turned off or ignored.
  4. Understanding the basics of OOH Marketing will yield great results in growing your customer base.
Image with mobile phone showing statistic of consumers suffering digital burnout

sourced by oaaa.org

Can small businesses afford Digital Indoor Billboard advertising?  

Once there was only the larger brands, like Nike, Walmart, McDonalds & Trader Joe’s playing in the OOH field.  Now with digital, it has become very cost effective for all businesses. Ads are digitally created in just a few days turnaround time, customizing is expected and encouraged on billboards, to keep the consumers engaged.  The costs have dramatically dropped to include all business sizes.

Atlas Virtual Media offers different tiers for different campaign strategies from the basic entry to the Exclusive Sponsorship..  Each advertisement is played 4x per hour on 5-20 screens which is 15,000 views per month. See more stats here on visibility

We work one on one with each business owner, creating the best value for each business campaign with the most cost effective strategy possible. 

image of coffee shop local business for Atlas Virtual Media Understanding the benefits of OOH Marketing
Business requires marketing, Atlas Virtual Media offers incredibly effective motion ads

In conclusion, out of home digital marketing is the fastest way to engage your audience.  Engage is the key word in marketing, encouraging your target audience to take action.  Without a doubt, OOH and DOOH, specifically indoor billboard marketing  is a proven cost effective method to increase your business to your target market audience.

Understanding the basics of OOH Marketing 

Top 6 Benefits:

  1. Great Conversion Rate
  2. High ROI
  3. Customizable 
  4. Highly Cost Effective for All Businesses
  5. Powerful Engagement- encourages engagement
  6. Brand Awareness

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