Targeted Digital Advertising

1 in 5 viewers who have seen a digital ad have made an unplanned purchase based on what was on the screen. Viewers are engaged with the motions ads with a high retention rate.

Screen Views for Advertisers

Results of Ads on 30 Screens

Total Plays per Ad per Day

Views per Month

Dwell Minutes per screen

Over the Top/Connected TV

Capture the attention of streaming audiences on any device —and for a great price.
Campaigns are optimized for Video Completion Rates.


Ads are served to a custom geography with zip code level targeting.

Premium Networks

Locations where you ad could appear: CBS sports, CNN, ESPN, Expedia, Food Network, Fox News, People, USA Today, Weather Bug, Wired, WSJ.


Ads are served to specific demographics based on gender, age, income level,
educational status and parenting status.

Prime Time

Programmatic delivery of TV ensures your viewers are watching. Includes only non-skippable ads.


Ads are served to users who are pre-defined to have certain interests. This is based on browser history, the content they are viewing & other recent behavior.

Weather Triggering

Ads are targeted against environmental changes based on location and conditions including temperature, UV index, precipitation and more.

Website Attribution Tracking

How many people saw the ad, visited the website later.
Optimized for reach and frequency, with complete transparent reporting.

Context and Genre Targeting

Target ads based on related genres and markets visited by consumers across websites and apps. 

 Benefits of Digital Advertising vs. Traditional Advertising

  • Digital marketing is the leader in advertising methods, reaching a targeted receptive audience.  
  • Your customer base works, shops and dines within a 3-5 mi. radius- GeoLocate your customers. 
  • 1 in 5 viewers  have made an unplanned purchase based on what was on the digital screen, part of the benefits of digital advertising.
  • Newspapers- 21%
  • Radio – 27%
  • Digital Signage Billboards 52%
Cost Effective

Digital Advertising is cost effective for all businesses.  Traditional advertising with TV, Radio & Newspapers as well as outdoor advertising on highways, the cost is to high for the average small to medium size businesses which offer local customers wonderful services.  Now with digital advertising, the cost is for every business.

Meeting customers at the beginning of the interest level

When customers seek products & services, this is at the top of the buying funnel & when you create content with the right keywords, your pages will appear in google search. Finding your customer base at the beginning of the buying phase is the most effective method of conversion.  Of course, offering the best product or service to meet the need is paramount.  Digital Marketing & advertising showcases your products to those views who may or maynot need your brand, but the viewer will remember it when the need arises or WOM (word of mouth) can pass along your information to another customer who is interested.  Digital advertising showcases your brand to 1000’s of potential customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Real Time Advertising

The cost involved in changing an outdoor billboard vs. refreshing a digital ad is comparing apples to oranges.  Real time is the key for digital advertising, literally typing in or updating a video can take a fraction of the time (and cost).  Keeping your ads refreshed! 

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