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During election years, politicians exhaust their budgets on multi-channel marketing.  Traditional media has been the main channel of choice. Politics requires fast movement of information to voters. Digital & traditional is the choice of marketing. Mixing in geofencing is an excellent choice to find share your information, website & event schedule as well as drawing a fence around polling locations. 

Restaurants & Eateries

Customers often make restaurant choices on their phones at dining times, on the go. Google My Business is highly depended on. Delivering messages whenever consumers enter your immediate area can attract impulse diners seeking a micro solution. Restaurants find success by geo-fencing competitor restaurants with a deeply discounted offer to lure them away. Sending coupons & incentive alerts will gain more business.

Car Dealerships

When shopping for a vehicle, customers visit nearby car businesses, this is the time to deliver you ads. An effective strategy is to geofence competitive dealerships, this works well because car shoppers are often going online to look up information or competitive shop while at the dealership, while checking out their phones, ads will appear for incentives raising cusiosity. Nothing converts like savings.


Retailers are a great business to geofence.  They can target competition, large employment centers on paydays, reach large groups of people with ads, specials and upcoming services. Even retarget customers who have visited previously. Retailers can also draw tight geofence around your store’s footprint to market special offers to in-store shoppers.


Medical & Health care

Healthcare is a service, generally found locally. When it comes to healthcare or medical, geofencing works great because you are focusing on location vs. personalized. Pharmaceutical companies might geofence hospitals and clinics. You could also serve digital coupons to customers visiting competition health care providers locations.  Geofencing to showcase job opportunities, coupons, newsletters.  

Legal & Counseling

When consumers research a lawyer,  76% of consumers go straight to a search engine to research for legal advisors. Smaller firms cannot compete with the expense of traditional advertising, so geofencing is an excellent direct and cost effective solution.   Law firms reach a high target audience at hospitals, assisted living, country clubs and gyms. With high competition of other firms, geofencing is an excellent choice.


Banks & Finance

Financial industry is a great fit for geofencing. Banks & financial institutions can utilize geofencing around employment centers or malls, or real estate offices,with loan packages. They can geofence direct mail info. to these households.  They can target customers that visit the competing banks or financial institutions. This is an excellent time to advertise your rates, incentives or grand openings in the local areas.

Stadium Events

Large Event Targeting captures cell phone data of people attending an event. This info displays ads, 3-5x a day for upto 30 days post the event. Most attendees will have their cellphones on, paying close attention to their phones at various times of the event & showcasing your ad.  Sporting events, trade shows, concerts, , cultural events & parades are great opportunities to geofence.

Real Estate

Real estate is a perfect business to engage geofencing. Real Estate agents can use geofencing to showcase an open house, attract customers at a mortgage broker, list houses, etc.  Visitors can be targeted & retargeted and sent reminders or send new listings 30 days post.  On the ad, a youtube can be shown, listings, statistics or any relevant information can be relayed.  The agent can use the gathered info. for future ads.


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