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The average American spends 5.4 hours a day on their phone. (Provision Living)

53% of shoppers visited a retailer after receiving a location-based message. (Salesforce)

By having a smartphone, all customers carry around a GPS that tracks where they go and where they have been. Through location-based mobile advertising, use your customers’ data to drive more visits to your business

Common Geofencing Questions

What are the benefits of using location based advertising?

It allows you to target specific neighborhoods, buildings, and your competitors and increase traffic to your physical location and/or website.

Is Geofencing part of Location Based Advertising?

Indeed it is! Geofencing is a valuable part of LBA, a cornerstone and a great way to begin with LBA.  The Q&A will be focused on Geofencing.

How does it work?

We draw a digital fence around the area you want to target, then develop custom branded advertisements for your business. When a customer enters or leaves the targeted area the ads appear on 5000+ popular apps on their smartphone.

Can you only target people when they are in the geofencing zone?

No, they will receive your targeted ads over the next 30 days after they enter that geofencing zone one time.

Who can I target?

Businesses, events, arenas, neighborhoods, cities, anywhere your potential customers might be.

Where can I target?

Any location except schools or hospitals.

How do I know where to put my geofence?
The best places to target can be your competitors, complementing businesses whose customers have similar demographics to yours, events, your own business, and anywhere else you think your ads will reach potential customers. Our team will help you create a strategy that allows you to best utilize your campaign impressions.
Do I have to create my own advertisements?

Our creative team will design custom content branded to your business.

What happens when someone clicks on my ad?

They will be redirected to your website. You can choose a landing page on your website if you have one that you prefer.

How do I know my ad is reaching potential customers?

We track and report the number of people who have clicked on or viewed your ad, as well as the number of people who saw your ad and then physically visited your venue.

How do I know my ad is working?

We will give you monthly reports on which customers viewed your ad, visited your website, and entered your business.

Why is geofencing effective for Brick & Mortar locations?

Geofencing helps businesses target customers when they enter and exit establishments, competitors, neighborhoods, and more.