Internet Advertising

Target a custom audience by demographics, behavioral interest or a relevant location with display advertising. Display ads are played frequently and contain a call to action (CTA).

Target your ideal customer by demographic or behavioral interest:
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Income
  • More..
Target your ideal customer by location:
  • Competitor Location
  • Entire Neighborhood
  • Shopping Centers
  • More…
Atlas Virtual Media offers two forms of display advertising:
Mobile and Desktop

Mobile Advertising

Connect with accuracy in real time, past behaviors and contextual factors
like weather using banner/video/shoppable ads to mobile devices.

Desktop Advertising

Develop deep brand awareness, increase online sales and drive in-store traffic using images or videos delivered to a website audience on a specific network.

Some of the key benefits of mobile advertising:

Discovery of reportable insights that measure:
– Foot traffic
– Advertising tactics
– Audience segments

– Connect with the customer on their device throughout the day.

– Delivery of unique creative solutions to drive engagement.

– Cost effective

– Amplification of other media channels

– Attribution performance

Some of the key benefits of desktop advertising:

Connect with accuracy through:
– Location targeting
– Audience targeting

Reporting & insights:
– Impressions
– Video Quartiles
– Visits, Visit Rate, Store Visitation & Reach

– Target and audience that has been to your location with relevant messaging

– Use desktop as an additional touch point

– Reach users when they are not on the go and will most likely connect or engage

Locations where your ad could appear

CBS sports
Food Network
Fox News
USA Today
Weather Bug