Connect With Your Target Audience

Connected TV (CTV) allows you to place your advertisment to targeted TV audiences that would be most interested in your product or service.

Some of the benefits of using CTV are:

  • Track viewers who see your ad and take action
  • Expand your reach without increased cost
  • Reach a receptive & engaged audience
  • Precision targeting of your advertisment

Display Advertising can help your business increase online sales & calls. This is the platform of choice for consumers to make purchasing decisions.  Put your banner, video or shoppable ad on your audience’s mobile phone, tablet or desktop comptuer to drive consumer behavior and action.

Display advertising has plenty of benefits that include:

  • increased brand awareness
  • increased on-line conversions and sales
  • increased foot traffic to brick and mortar locations
  • accurate connection with your audience in real time
  • on the device they interact with on daily basis
  • very cost effective
  • measureable

Digital Billboards provide your business with the opportunity to expose your brand to large audiences or very targeted audience, depending on your requirements. Atlas Virtual Media offers both local digitial network or programmatic advertising options to put you right in front of your audience.

Placing your advertisment on Atlast Virtual Media digital billboards is easy and affordable.


Step 1: Target who you want to reach by audience, location or with weather triggers.

Step 2: Select mobile, desktop, TV, or digital billboard to run your ad

Step 3: Select the type of audience you want to reach.

Step 4: Pick your location where you want your ad to run

Step 5: Load up your ad. If you don’t have one, we can create one for you. If you have one, we will ensure that it is sized correctly to run on the selected device.

Step 6. Launch your ad!

Your ad performance will be tracked and measured and we will provide that directly to you so you are never wondering how your ad is performing.