Brand consistency helps the economy through advertising. When a pandemic or recession hits a community or nation such as Covid-19, small businesses are forced to tighten their already tight belt and get creative on staying afloat and viable. Choosing their necessary expenses, which ones are warranted. The one expense which should never be trimmed is advertising

When the pandemic decreased small businesses, the remaining businesses have a wider market space to target market thier audience with advertisements.  This is the time to increase small business marketing, social media and creative awareness. Get your brand out there into the visual space of the public.  Promote your product and services as the market appears to be decreasing in competition, the economy will re-emerge stronger and you will be positioned in a higher ranking.

Dominate the market with your brand.


Brand consistency in advertising helps the economy. This will keep your product or service top of mind. This is a huge visual that your business is still in the game and available to solve a problem, meet a need. Consistency in advertising  in fact is not only helping your business and community, but helps to build the economy.

Keep Your Brand Top of Mind during a Pandemic


Consumers purchasing is the only model that will keep your business alive and the economy humming.  To drive this consumption is the key to any recovery and survival.  There is no secret that the largest consumers are Americans. We happen to hold the title of the richest country in the world as well, with the highest innovation and motivation per country.  We also have a high standard of living. 

  When our dishwasher stops working, we tend to not replace the parts, but replace the machine itself..again keeping the factories which build them working.  When a window cracks during the cold, we tend to have it replaced prior to it cracking further and allowing cold air into our homes…keeping the home renovation and contractors fed…

However, when a recession hits, consumer confidence lowers, which only serves to exacerbate the problem. In other words, when folks quit buying, demand decreases and workers subsequently lose their jobs. Thus, the best way for people to boost a consumption based economy is to… consume.

Who has the power of persuasion for consumers to continue to  consume when scarcity is a mindset?  Advertising is the best way for the consumer to believe and build confidence.


Indoor billboard advertising encourages consumption which creates mass production which raises our economy.  Brand consistency in advertising helps the economy.

Indoor Billboard Advertising Allows Businesses to Stay out Front

So why is advertising so important to your business when the economy is flagging?  Advertising gives the appearance as a sunk cost as you do not see an immediate line forming out your storefront.   Advertising will save your business, ultimately keep more jobs filled down the production line.

As our economy begins to heat up after the pandemic is receding, indoor billboard advertising will get the message out who survived and who did not.  Use this powerful tool to get your message out and inturn help the economy.

Advertising your Brand is Key  to staying in the forefront of consumer awareness.

Harvard Business Review which says, “The company courageous enough to stay in the fight when everybody is playing it safe can bring about a dramatic change in market position.”

Advertising is the Lifeline of a Business- Indoor Billboard Advertising reaches your Target Market

Continuing your advertising gives the confidence to consumers that you are still in the game, have a better business plan and ultimately better attainable product.  Don’t follow the pack by lowering your budget and exposure. Advertising is the lifeline to your survival, and the economy.  Step up your plan and keep your brand awareness alive and thriving. Becoming a Host for Atlas Virtual Media HDTV screens is a cost effective method to reach your target market. Contact us to find out how you can become a Host Partner.


How do you do this?  Offer specials, weekly samples, delivery services, recipes and taste parties, videos on your channel, and maximizing consistency on social media.  Reaching your desired market will meet consumers with specials, discounts and anticipating their needs, understanding the consumer trepidation to spend,  as the market slows down and people take on the scarcity mindset.  Become a Host to our HDTV screens where your advertisement played daily.

Brand Loyalty is created with consistency in Advertising

Brand loyalty will occur when you reach your customers with discounts and weekly excitement of new options to try your services and products.  Reachout to your creative team at Atlas Virtual Media. Work one on one and let us design your advertisements to reach your target market effectively on our indoor billboard screens.

You are helping your business, your micro community, your community and your economy, others will follow but be the best you can be by leading the pack.



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