Why Hosting an Indoor Billboard is a good for business growth.

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Surviving Post Pandemic Business Recovery with Indoor Billboard Advertising

Indoor Billboard advertising is so effective, here’s why. This effectiveness of digital advertising is exploding and this is simply because it is people talking to people. Sending a brand message in a 20-30 second add is strictly information, there is not time for any additional background extras. What is important for your business message is what is created. The ad is a clear concise brand message, displayed n an HDTV screen in high traffic venues. Our creative team is incredible, trained and versed in graphic design and illustration, your ad will attract views! Your message delivered in a beautiful motion advertisement to thousands of people.

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Local advertising is the best solution to reach your target market

The marketing solution is locally viewed where your target market is. So where are these brand messages being seen? On our screens, right in your neighborhood. Most people shop, play and eat within a 3-5 mile radius of their homes. Statistically speaking your local market is your highest saturation point for your brand message. Digital Advertising is Targeted & It makes sense to advertise within your local market.

Indoor Billboards are truly revolutionary. This is a simple concept, taking the tried and true success of the large outdoor billboards along highways and bringing them into high traffic locations, such as dr. offices, gyms and restaurants. Your customers are glued to screens in these places where they stay for 15+ minutes. Either customers are on their phones or watching the screens.

Your business will experience the numerous benefits of digital marketing when you start using this proven online marketing strategy.

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Indoor Billboard Advertising is sweeping the digital world

Getting your message out is paramount and this is an excellent delivery vehicle!

So what are the Advertising Benefits of Hosting an Indoor Billboard?

  • Host Partners ARE the high traffic locations mentioned, where they lend a wall to place a large screen TV. They have to offer WIFI for the to pick up the media player ads. The Host Partner is a special team partner of this digital advertising explosion. The Host Partner receives the following benefits:
  • No charge to Host Partner advertising- (1) 20 second ad + (1) 30 second ad + 6 Vertical ads + visibility on the suppliers website and social media.
  • The Host Partner’s ads are played on the Network of other Host Partner screens. (remember that the screens are placed in high traffic locations?) So, you are cross networking with other locations, 5 screens is an average of 7500 views per month., 10 screens is 15,00 views. And so on…
  • The screens are on the entire time the business is open and is controlled virtually from a main office.
  • The screens are monitored daily for any downtime
  • Host Partner’s screen is installed & maintained by Atlas Virtual Media’s tech team.
  • There is no costs or fees to the Host Partner, simply an agreement to keep the WIFI and electricity on, Atlas Virtual Media does the rest, at no cost to the Host Partner.
  • This is an investment on Atlas Virtual Media’s part.
  • Criteria for becoming a Host Partner:
  • With a one year commitment, available WIFI, What is there not to love about this?
  • Host Partners are a valued advertiser team partner…with the multiple benefits of cross exposure and no fees!

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