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by | Jul 15, 2022

Patriot Subs Eagle Village Fredericksburg VA

Brian Picerno -Owner
Patriot Subs Advertiser picture of delivery van Atlas Virtual Media
I apologize for the lengthy review, but this has been one of the most pleasurable reviews I have written.
Since working with the team at Atlas Virtual Media (AVM), our business presence in the community has become well known. When a new customer comes in we always ask how they heard about us, more times than not, it has been through an AVM billboard at another location. and word of mouth. When the AVM team came to me, with the presentation showing me how the indoor billboards would increase our visibility I was not completely sold. But I was however looking for something different to help generate talk and awareness of our shop since we, as so many others were struggling with CovidPandemic. I can honestly say now that my initial doubts were overcome within a short time of the billboard ads becoming live at other locations.
I don’t want to forget the continued customer care I get from the TEAM at AVM. With the knowledge they brought with them, they were able to guide me through the process of how we wanted to be represented on the billboard ads.
As a client, I never feel that I cannot contact the TEAM to make a change or update or a question about a future updates. For any business considering Partnering with AVM, I highly recommend them. The ads are clear & concise. The ads are catchy.
Brian Picerno

Owner- Patriot Subs Eagle Village

Fredericksburg, VA- across from UMW

Veteran Owned

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