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We are Central Virginia’s Largest Location Based Billboard Advertising Network.  Meet your customers  especially where they are by advertising  indoors in your community. Thus, expanding your brand awareness. Digital indoor billboards offers demographic marketing that puts your message in the pathway of targeted consumers. In order to create more brand awareness with your target audience, whenever they are on the go, regardless of location, your ads will deliver for you. At the present time, digital is the highest % of ROI, however, traditional still appeals to large mass audiences such as superbowl ads.  Indoor digital ads, in addition to motivting, they also engage in your local community. A great bet for your business.


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Gaining More Visibility in Your Local Community

Location Based Billboard Advertising Network

Atlas Virtual Media provides effective, affordable digital indoor advertising that promotes at length, your business brand directly infront of your target audience. For instance, your ad messages are viewed 4x+ per hour engaging your customer base with your business. Therefore, engaging with your call to action directive.  Besides engaging your current customers, another benefit is re-targeting your past customers.  Join our growing network of satisified advertisers who are seeing a business spike with digital advertising.  Advertise in your community, wherever your customers are.                                            

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Digital Indoor Advertising is the ultimate in captive audience advertising because consumers can’t flip the page, change the channel, or turn it off. Digital ads allow for multiple creative changes in a short window, allowing you to reach consumers with disposable income, with 1000’s of impressions per week.  It is important to realize, because with advertising options available, your choice of the highest reach is the most valuable. Obviously, with a goal of reaching as many views during your ad as possible. Advertise in your community. 6 reasons to advertise with us!


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What They Say

Patrick Brennan - Digital Marketing Expert. N-Compass TV

“Atlas Virtual Media is the premier leader in indoor digital billboards and digital marketing across Central Virginia. AVM is a dynamic team who know how to support their clients while developing in-depth marketing strategies that will allow you to grow your reach exponentially across this market at a very reasonable price. If you’re ready to take your marketing and advertising to the next level, I highly recommend giving AVM a call. “

Barney Reiley CEO. Rappahannock Area YMCA

“With Atlas, we can use live-motion advertising to announce our upcoming events and programming to our members at each location. I love that we can make these advertisements specific to each of our branches and, at the same time, also run promotions outside of the YMCA to display what we can offer to future members. The ads produced are creative and professional, and we enjoy working with the staff of Atlas. They are attentive and understanding of our unique needs.”

-Barney Reiley, CEO
Rappahannock Area YMCA





Location based advertising reaches a high volume of targeted demographics for the purpose of brand awareness.  In order to reach your market, we design an your ad that speaks directly to your audience even if other large brands offer their messages on large outdoor billboards in the same location.  Since your audience enters into your virutal fence, there is no competiton therefore you have 100% target reach.

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